When you leave your dog with us there is no need to worry, they will be taken to our warm and welcoming grooming room and groomed by our fully trained and caring dog groomers.

Dog grooming in Rothwell, Rothwell dog groomers


The first thing we do with your best friend is to give them a comprehensive health check, we will make sure your dog is in perfect health and we will report any findings to you.


Your dog will then have their nails checked and clipped if necessary and ears will be cleaned and plucked. 


They will then be transfered into the bathing area and gently bathed in warm water with the most suitable shampoo and conditioners for their specific coat and skin type.


All our shampoos and conditioners are natural and chemical free which makes them gentle and nourishing to your dog's skin and coat. Plus they will not wash off flea control drops.


Your dog will then be dried using thick towels and a warm air dryer.



Dog grooming in Rothwell, Rothwell dog groomers


Once your dog has been bathed and dried we will then move onto the process of styling and finishing to your specific requirements or breed standards, whichever you prefer.


Our dog grooming stylists are trained in scissoring, handstrpping and clipping to City and Guilds level 3 standards and should be able to produce any finish you require.


All finishing includes clipping of hygiene areas and the footpads which wiil help your dog to stay comfortable and matt free until thier next visit.


Not all dogs need to have their hair trimmed and we can advise on this if you wish, if this is the case for your dog they will just be dried and finished.




Your dog will be groomed in our warm and welcoming salon by fully trained and caring dog groomers.

Dog grooming in Rothwell, Rothwell dog groomers

All dogs will have a final spritz of either doggie cologne or  shine spray, whichever is most suitable. Little princesses will even have a pretty bow in thier top knot just to show how beautiful they are.