Dog grooming in Rothwell, Rothwell dog groomers


 Puppies need special care when being groomed and at Woof dog groomers we are fully trained to acclimatise your puppy to the grooming salon. It is paramount that a puppy should never have a bad experience at a grooming salon as this can ruin them for their whole lives and make being groomed very distressing for them.


 The puppy will need more time than an older dog and we offer puppy appointments for this very purpose. Your puppy will be slowly and carefully introduced to all the procedures at their own pace so, if we do not think they are ready to be clipped or styled we will not perform that process on them, instead we will ask you to book in again for another appointment a short time later. This is for their own safety and comfort.


 You can help with this at home by making sure your puppy is comfortable with you touching them all over their body especially the feet and being stroked or gently brushed at home will help them to realise that being groomed is a pleasant experience. Doing these things will make your puppy much happier and safer when they come for thier grown up groom.